Who Is The Best Football Tipster?

Best Football Tipster

So you are looking for the best football tipster on the internet, but what makes a profitable football tipster lets take a look.

Firstly before I get started I do not claim to be one of the best Football Tipster services on the internet but what I will say is I am one of the most honest and open services for Football that actually delivers long term.

What To Look For

When choosing a football tips service you need to take a good hard look and make sure that the service most importantly is going to be providing tips for the matches you like to watch.

For example, I provide tips for English Premiership matches only so if you only watch and have an interest in betting on Italian matches my service is not for you as I do not tip Italian matches.

Secondly, a good service will always offer a trial option lets say a 1-week free trial which gives you the chance to try the service for free without paying for that week.

This is by far one of the best things you need to look for as you get the chance to try the service for size without parting with any money yet. Why would you pay up front for something you know nothing about right?

best football tipsters
A good football tipster delivers good ROI long term

Profit Loss Evidence

Football tipsters without any records of their profit loss histories are usually the ones to avoid and you want to be looking back for at least 6 months at their track record.

This gives you all the evidence you need to see if this tipster can make you a return on your investment in the long term.

Independent reviews from proofing sites

Look on tipster reviews for example and read all about Football Acca Tips and how it has performed. Proofing as it is called is when a tipster sends all selections to a review site and they record it and feedback to their readers how the tipster performed in all areas.

Football Acca Tips can tick all of these boxes and really is worth trying for free for one week.

You can join Football Acca Tips here today and claim a free 1-week trial

Find The Best Football Tipster And How To Avoid Scam Tipsters

Lastly, you really do want to make sure you are not going to be scammed for your money so always ensure the following 3 things.

Does The Tipster Reply To Emails?

If the tipster in question does not answer any of your emails this is a massive red flag and could potentially mean that once you pay to join it you won’t receive anything in return.

A good tipster will provide some kind of customer service to his or her members.

Can You Join With A Secure Payment Method Like Paypal For Example?

This one may sound blindingly obvious but always ensure that when you join a service you are paying with a secure payment method like Paypal.

Paypal protects you against fraud and other nasty things that can go wrong when paying for something online. It also enables you to cancel your memberships easily.

best football tipsters online
The way you go depends on how much research you do on the tipster

Finally, Does The Service Create A Fake Buzz On Social Media?

I have noticed myself some tipster services create hundreds of Twitter accounts on post to the main tipster account thanking them for winner after winner and so on.

A quick browse can usually make you see that the sheer amount of good things being said is not often true to life.

I rarely have had tweets like this even during very profitable times a soften gamblers don’t like to shout it from the rooftops they sue a tipster service.


Take your time before you join a tipster and make sure you are getting what you pay for. I can promise you that anyone joining Football Acca Tips will get all of this and more.

You can join Football Acca Tips here today and claim a free 1-week trial