Where to look for Football betting tips

Where to look for Football betting tips

There are so many betting opportunities when it comes to football. Games are being played all over the world and you can place bets on them to try and make some profits. A little bit of help in making your selections is always appreciated, especially if producing winners. But where do you look for football betting tips?

It seems that there is an almost endless source of betting tips that you can access. Whether it is online or in the newspaper, there are plenty of tips out there for you to take advice from.

Paying for Tips

The internet offers many sites that offer football tips, but they come at a price. A monthly subscription is the way these sites make money. They will claim to have experts who can give you tips that will make profits for you. That’s the way they operate and would hardly say their tipsters aren’t the best around.

These sites often offer access to comprehensive previews of football games. They explain just why their predicted result is going to be a winner. A site that supplies plenty of statistics is a good one to become a member of. This shows that a bit of work has been carried out to illustrate their opinion of how the game will go. There are premium rate phone lines too but these can be a bit expensive, sometimes as much as £75 a month.

Free Tips

If you don’t want to be paying for tips, there are plenty of other sites out there that will supply them to you. Just because the tips are given free doesn’t mean they aren’t going to be as good as the ones that you have to pay for. 

Again, look to access a site that looks as if some good research has been carried out. Just saying, Manchester City are going to beat Arsenal isn’t a great tip. Look for sites that give details of current form, head-to-head records and spend time backing up their predictions.

Facebook and Twitter can provide you with tips. There are lots that you can follow and not all of them will be charging you for their services. 


This is another good source of football tips. This can come in a variety of levels with a differing amount of information supplied. It could just be a box in the corner of a page that tells you their tip of the day with not a great amount of explanation as to why.

Much better is the list of games that are taking place with details of recent results for teams and form tables. This gives you more information that you can use yourself in addition to their tips for who will be winning or drawing at the weekend.

Expert Opinions

These can be seen both online and in newspapers and a lot of them are free. Former players will write columns that give their opinions on how the next set of results will go. They’ve played the game, often at the top level so know what they are talking about.

These columns often appear in newspapers and online bookmaker sites. Having a big-name offering tips is a good way of attracting custom. Podcasts are another popular method used nowadays to give football tips. These can be found all over the internet and there are plenty of them on YouTube.


As you can see, there is no shortage of places to find football tips. Go for the ones that offer good reasoning behind their tips and hopefully the profits will start being made.