What to Look for When Checking Out Bookmakers Offers

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There are so many options when it comes to betting online that it can be difficult to know which way to turn.  However, much like shopping for groceries or any other item, you are more likely to go with someone who has a great offer on the item you want to buy.

Sports betting works in much the same way.  You will look to see which online bookmaker is offering the best odds for the event on which you would like to place a bet.  That should be a given for any punter. However, you should also be looking to see how much you can get for your money when betting online.

Every online bookmaker worth their salt will have a special offer of some description.  The best ones tend to be aimed at potential new customers but there are so many bookmakers out there, you could probably find a new one to join every week. It is always worth shopping around when looking at UK bookmaker sign up offers and comparing several different offers.

Before you take the plunge and join a new online bookmaker with the intention of using their promotion, what should you look for when checking out bookmaker offers?

There are a few bookmaker offers you should be aware of, one of which is when they match your stake.  This is possibly the most common bookmaker offer you will find online. All you need to do is open an account, make a deposit and place a bet.  The bookmaker will match the amount of your first bet, giving you double the stake of your original bet.

For example, if you place a bet of £20, the bookmaker will match that by giving you a bonus of £20, essentially doubling the amount you have to bet.  When checking out this bookmaker offer, always pay attention to the minimum and maximum amount you can bet plus the minimum odds on which you have to bet to qualify for the offer.

Free bet offers are similar to matched bets but they tend to be handed out as smaller, individual bets.  For example, if you were to place a bet of £30 and the deal is you receive £30 of free bets, these are likely to split into three bets of £10 each.  Therefore, you could not stake the whole lot on one bet, you would need to place three different bets, each worth £10.

When using a free bet offer you must look out for any time restrictions on the bets you receive.  For example, you may have to use the free bet by a certain date otherwise it will expire. Free bets may also be awarded in stages, such as one free bet per week over the course of a month.  

By doing this, the bookmaker ensures you return to their website again to use your bet.

Just be aware of the terms and conditions when taking advantage of a bookmaker offer and you will have a great time betting.