Liverpool Knock Barcelona Out Of The Champions League

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What a win Liverpool had last night over Barcelona 4-0! as well as dumping Barcelona out of the competition.

Liverpool played out of their skins last night and was even given a standing ovation by the Barcelona fans who appreciated what it must have taken to beat their team 4-0 in such a way.

Origi and Wijnaldum will both go down in history with their braces as Liverpool dominated possibly the best team in the world without Robertson and Mo Salah!

I simply cannot believe it to be honest and I am no Liverpool fan though I was for them last night. Tonight I will be cheering on Tottenham hoping for a Liverpool Tottenham Champions League final.

Alisson played his part possibly pulling out one of his best performances to date when it mattered the most along with Van Djik and Trent Alexander-Arnold in defense the pair were immense last night.

What a sight to behold , will we ever see it again?

Barcelona only needed to score a single goal to crush Liverpool fans dreams in the last 10 minutes or so there were one or two moments that gave fans something to worry about but it just didn’t feel like it would happen last night.

Fair play to Liverpool and good luck to them in the final whoever they play from the Ajax Vs Tottenham fixture.

Europe could be red again this summer!