Football Tips and (Footballaccatips.com) does not guarantee a profit from selections advised. Football Tips is a tipping service upon which by joining you agree to pay £3.49 per month on subscription on a good till canceled basis once the trial period is over.

You must cancel before the trial ends if you no longer want to be a member and be charged for tips.

Refund is not offered unless there is an error upon registration (registered twice for example). Refunds are considered for certain other criteria but are only offered if there is a good reason for it.

Football Tips provides tips for the English Premiership and sends them to your email address (the address you paid with). If you are not sure about anything you are recommended to get in touch BEFORE joining.

You agree to be bound by accepting there is no refund offered unless, for example, you register twice with the same email at the same time. You agree that no refund is given to you for any reason after you have joined even if you “forget” to cancel membership.


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