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The only Premiership tipster you will ever need. Last season I delivered a profit for 2018/19

In 2019/20 I look to build upon that again. I tip only English Premier League matches.

Why? Because I specialize in one area I excel where others fail. This is a real Football Tipster

One that delivers profit long term.

Stop dreaming and start believing!

2018/19 Premiership Season Results

If you want to see full tip history for the whole of the 2018/19 season simply click the link below and you will see every selection I sent during the 2018/19 season! The season ended with a 5.51% ROI (return on investment).

Total Staked For Season
Total Returned For Season
Total Season Profit :
Season ROI

Download the full profit loss for the 2018/19 Premiership Season spreadsheet here

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Gambling on Football is not easy and 99% of all football punters fail in their attempt to make profit long term from betting, I can help swing the odds in your favor.

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They used to nickname me “lucky” in my local bookmaker shop mainly due to the fact I would actually be collecting winnings when I put my Football Acca  bets on unlike the rest of the punters in there.

I started betting on Football from a very early age before it was legal for me to do so in fact and over the years I have made huge errors, lost lots of money and gradually honed my skills over those years to turn the tables on bookies long term.

If you are looking to join get a hit and leave this service is not for you, the 1% of gamblers that earn a living from gambling do so over a long period of time and have the patience of saints and brilliant organisational skills.

If you can place the bets and have patience over a long period of time you will certainly profit from my selections. I do not tip hundreds of selections for the sake of it in fact you can expect very few selections as I will only tip something if I am confident the result will happen.

There are going to be long losing runs I would be lying if I said this wouldn’t happen, there will also be long winning runs too but overall it will even itself out into PROFIT.

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The UK's Number One Professional Premier League Tipster Service

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  • Once you have registered you will receive a welcome email from me with instructions on how the service works and how you can maximize your chances of profit from my selections.

Selections are then sent to you via email you then open your email and place your bets it’s that simple. I do not promote bookmaker offers and affiliate deals so rest assured its not in my best interest for you to lose.

Football Acca Tips Comes With A 60 Day Clickbank Money Back Guarantee As Standard

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If you want to win no your acca bets every weekend you have come to the wrong place because nobody can do that. I can help you improve your winnings and your long-term gains from football acca bets and premiership football betting.

Not sure what an acca is? A football acca or accumulator is a bet which combines multiple football selections, which is usually four or more, into a single bet. This type of bet is popular among casual punters who only have a bet at the weekends and can return massive winnings if you are lucky enough to get them all correct.

Acca’s are notoriously hard to win with due to the sheer amount of selections and variables in which can affect them such as red cards, penalties and other random things such as bad refereeing.

Thanks for reading, If you have any questions before you join don’t hesitate to contact me and I can provide you with any answers you need as well as help in how to join and create your account.

Start winning on your football accas today.

Join Football Acca Tips Today

The UK's Number One Professional Premier League Tipster Service

Only £9.99+tax per month billed monthly on a subscription basis