Best Football Tipster – How To Find The Most Profitable Tipsters

Premier League Football Tips

Hi, all I thought I would do a little post about football tipsters (being one myself) I feel qualified to talk about finding the best football tipsters out there.

I do not claim to be the best tipster on the internet when it comes to football but one thing I can say is I am profitable to follow long term.

There are thousands of football tipsters on the internet and many of them are just there to take your money and offer nothing in return. Sifting through all of the BS out there is not an easy task but there are a few things that can help.

Customer service speaks volumes

Tipsters that do not offer any form of customer service, for example, they do not reply to your emails or questions or ignore your genuine requests for a refund or to settle a complaint usually means the service is not legitimate.

A real tipster will handle any queries, questions and issues that there members has as well as offer full support with any tips advised.

Reasoning behind selections

The best football tipsters offer good reasoning behind why they have come to a conclusion on a football match or why they think the result they have selected will occur.

This also helps rule out the tipster just picking a result at random and hoping for the best.

Track Record

A tipster is as good as his track record and if he does not keep one then its probably for a reason , don’t ya think?

So why choose Football Acca Tips?

Football Acca Tips is something I started back when the Brazil World Cup began and I quickly found I had a knack for football betting.

Over the years I have focused my skills on narrowed everything down to the Premier League where I am most profitable).

I keep full profit loss records on all my selections throughout the season as you will see in the profit/loss section of this website, I am open and honest about losing selections as well as winning ones.

I have had a profitable season during the 2018/19 you can see the evidence to back this up too. I have reached over a 10% ROI from football betting over a year from hundreds of selections and thousands of pounds staked.

Over £220 profit in a season may not sound a lot but I only do small stakes in comparison to many pro gamblers out there, push the best up to £200 per tip I advised and you would be walking away with over £2200 profit and so on.

The average punter loses week after week on football and long term they make a huge loss. Not something I do I make long term profits and this is why you should join my football acca tips service.

I do not boast about changing your life so that you can quit work etc from betting on my selections either and I do not post photos of me in the Bahamas whilst claiming I have a 100% strike rate on football betting.

Anyone that claims they have 100% certainty of a selection coming in is a lier.