April 2021 Was My 4th Month Out Of 4 In Profit

4th month in profit

Football Acca Tips has now established itself on Tipstrr and I have just ended Aril in profit-making it 4 months from 4 in profit so far.


As you can see I’m not making millions but I am profiting from football betting and on a consistent basis, make sure you check my full profit loss record here.

I do charge £19/month for membership as its the cheapest price available on Tipstrr, my profit/loss is based on £5 and £10 stakes as £5 = 1 point and £10 = 2 points the figures don’t do the service justice.

Level Stakes Results


If you staked £10 on each selection the results would be as above, but you would need to double the above as £10 on my staking plan is 2 points.

I know this may seem complicated to some but the results would then be £161.50 or a monthly average profit of £40.37.

My Staking Plan Results


£161.42 would be the total profit based on 2 point stakes at £10 per point, if you take out 4x£19 (monthly membership fee) you would be left with £85.42..not massive i know but profit even after membership fees is a very good outcome.

Those of you that stake £100 stakes per point can times that figure by 10 so £854.20 or a n average monthly profit of £213.55.

Staking plans are important and although this is early data I aim to build on it each month bringing members more and more profits on a consistent basis.