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If you want to earn some extra money then why not promote a football tipster that actually tries its best to win for its customers, answers emails and will support you in your efforts.

We give 75% on initial sales and 60% of every recurring payment from members you send to us!

As An Affiliate You Get

  • 75% of initial sales
  • 60% on re-bills from those initial sales
  • Email support from me
  • Extra money every month from your sales

Let’s say you sent 10 new members to us in a month that is 10 x 14.96 = £149.60 (£14.96 is 70% of £19.95) that’s £149.60 straight away plus 60% of every rebill of the same amount while that member stays a member ( another £119.70 every month if all ten stayed members each month).

So let’s work together and make money along the way in an ethical way. If you need any banners or advertising emails and material simply send me an email.


Click here to Become an affiliate

All you need is a Clickbank account which is free to create and use. Then simply visit the marketplace on there and search Football Acca Tips. The below image shows you what the Football Acca Tips listing looks like in the marketplace. When you have found it simply click “Promote”

promote football acca tips


Once you have clicked promote you should get a box like this show-up…


acca tips promotion

Enter your account nickname (it should be there already) and simply click the “Create” button. Clickbank will then create you a secure affiliate link that will track all clicks and sales of the Football Acca Tips product to your affiliate account. (image below)

footy acca tips

That’s it your all set use your link in every promotion you do of Football Acca Tips and when people sign up you will get 50% of the initial sale and 25% of all recurring sales.

Example sign 100 people up in month 1 @ 50% of the £1 trial offer = £50 in month 1 commission

In month 2 you sign another 100 people up @ 50% of the £1 trial offer BUT you also have 25% of the rebill price (£9.99) of last months 100 which is £50 +£499.50 which is a total for month 2 of £549.50

Football Acca Tips members usually stay a member for at least 6 months this is because the service is a high-quality tips service that delivers what they came here to buy…PROFIT.

Alternatively, Promote Using this Link


You need to replace YOURUSERID with your affiliate ClickBank USERNAME.

Full details about ClickBank Hop links can be found at:

For Example: If your ClickBank nickname is promotor your link would read…

All sales through this link will go to your Clickbank account and show up there under your affiliate stats.

Click here to Become an affiliate


If you need any promotional materials simply get in touch.